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Student led organization at the University of North Texas. Discussions, workshops, talks, and events related to programming, computers, and tech.



General meetings every Tuesday at 6:00pm

We meet in Union room 268 and in the Discord #Meetings channel simultaneously. Have discussions with your peers and learn about all thing computer science. No requirements to join. No payments or dues.

Discussions with your peers

Meet other students at UNT who are interested in computer science. Everyone is encouraged to talk and contribute in our meetings, and we have several other channels to keep the conversation going outside of meetings.

A picture during one of the club's workshops.

Hangouts and Workshops

We hangout frequently and prepare useful workshops for software engineering. These talks are a great way to learn and ask questions about specific areas of computer science.

A picture of the club's officers and members studying.


Get involved with events and competitions

Compete in events like hackathons and cyber security capture the flag tournaments. Gain industry knowledge from experienced professionals.


Students with different technical backgrounds come together, form teams around a problem or idea, and collaboratively code a unique solution from scratch.

Talks with Actual Engineers

We regularly invite software engineers and other industry professionals to chat about their experiences!


Learn about computer science topics

Get hands on experience in numerous areas of computer science with workshops led by club members. Discover new areas of tech with lectures from domain experts.

  • Game Development

    Build your own video game from the ground up, using new languages.

  • Leetcode

    Learn data structures, algorithms, and how to crack tough coding problems.

  • Career Advice

    Learn how to secure an internship or a job, and how to ace interviews.

  • AI / Machine Learning

    Dive in to the world of AI and Machine Learning by training your own model on real world data.

  • Data Science

    Use scientific methods and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.

  • Web Development

    Learn the basics of web development by building your own website from scratch, using HTML5 and CSS3.


Meet our leadership, a group of UNT students who share a passion for computer science. We are all active in our Discord community, so feel free to reach out!

  • Monique Simberg PFP

    Monique Simberg


  • Oriana Borges Profile Pic

    Sudhanshu Patel

    Vice President

  • Nidhi Ravala PFP

    Nidhi Ravala


  • Chase PFP Pic

    Chase Wright

    Social Media Manager

  • Azeezat Akinboro PFP

    Azeezat Akinboro


  • Luka Bostick

    Public Relations Officer

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